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September 20-22, 2024

When you install updates on a phone or computer, you have to pause, and restart the device for the updates to take effect.  That is what REBOOT is all about: pausing for a weekend to upgrade and reboot your faith, as you journey into a new school year.
If you loved JR Pitch, you will love REBOOT: a Retreat for Jr. High Students, a high energy kickoff to the school year featuring dynamic teaching, music, games, sport tournaments, activities and events, all geared toward Jr. High students!

Why Come To REBOOT?

REBOOT is designed to support students and youth groups by:

  • acting as a high-energy kick-off to churches’ Jr High ministry year

  • inspiring and creating opportunities for faith and character-building in Jr High students

  • creating opportunities for relationship building within each group

  • encouraging and supporting youth pastors and leaders in their ministry


Prices include HST

2024 Rates Coming Soon!

Guests & Features

2024 Guest Information Coming Soon!

Sports Tournaments 

There will be various sport opportunities over the weekend, including pick-up sports (soccer and basketball) and tournaments. Choose to sign up for the volleyball or dodgeball tournament (or both)! Registration will be open on the Friday night of the weekend, with tournaments being held on Saturday. All skills levels welcome!

The Hub

The Hub is the perfect spot to hang out this weekend! There’s lots to do. We’ll have ping pong, air hockey, board games, snacks for sale, and much more! Drop on by with your friends or meet someone new! There will be something fun for everyone.

The Arcade

Come perfect your gaming skills and challenge your friends to various games, modern and vintage!

Tuck Shop and Street Meat

Be sure to bring cash so you can come grab a cold drink or a tasty snack from our tuck shop.  PLUS, every night we will be BBQing delicious hot dogs and sausages with all the fixin’s!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do We Sleep? 

Bring tents or even trailers and camp out for the weekend! Cabins are also available, with priority given to groups coming from longer distances.

Where Do We Eat?

Food will be provided by our Kitchen team.  After getting your food from, you can choose to eat inside in the Dining Hall, or outside in the dining tent.

Is there a minimum or maximum group size?

Nope!  Feel free to bring one, two, ten, fifty, or one hundred students!  There will be lots to do for individuals and groups of any size, and lots of people to meet and hang out with from youth groups across Ontario.  Smaller groups may choose to partner up with another group and attend together.  

How Does Registration Work?

You collect registration information and money from your students and then register and pay for your whole group with us. Churches and groups will need to create their own individual registration form and have each of their students attending REBOOT fill it in and obtain the necessary parent/guardian signatures. Please consult with your insurance and protection plan policies to know what to include in this form. You will want to have these forms with you at the event, but you will not be required to hand them in on arrival. Once you have registered, you will receive a group information form for you to fill out and hand in to the office when you arrive at the retreat.

Who Provides insurance, supervision, and programming?

  • You provide appropriate insurance and enough youth leaders to cover your church or organization’s requirements.
  • We provide the programming for the event, event insurance and insurance to cover the activities we are running, and staff/volunteers to run the event.
  • Our volunteers are selected and screened by ECM Camps, it is your responsibility to recruit and screen your own group’s leaders.
  • We will provide leaders to supervise event and program venues, but ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure you know where your own students are.
  • Our speakers will share at our main sessions, and then provide you with questions as a starting point for you to lead your group’s discussions after each session

What if we register our group and then have more students want to come?

No problem!  Since the cost is per person, you can simply fill in another registration form and pay for the additional students, and then add those students to your info sheet that you will bring with you to the retreat.


We are looking for volunteers, age 15 and older, to fill various roles at REBOOT Retreat!  Roles include Food Services Team, Tuck Team, Games Room or Hangout Space Volunteers, and Sports Tournament Volunteers. 

Registration Coming Spring 2024!

If you have any questions, please contact