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Kyle Moore - Managing Director

Louise Leonard - Managing Director

Louise brings many years of camp experience from across Canada to our organization, and would be delighted to talk to you about Stayner Camp.  Louise spent many years involved with a number of camps through the Canadian Sunday School Mission (now One Hope Canada), and CCI Canada, and was the Executive Director of Evergreen Christian Ministries for nine years.  Louise believes that "Camp ministry has a two pronged effect in that it reaches our guests, kids or adults, with the gospel yet it always builds spiritual growth into the staff who lead and serve. Camp is a generational growth tool. From camper to staff, volunteering to leadership in the local church. Growing disciples means growing leaders." Louise will be continuing to work with us for the time-being to train and equip Kyle as he steps into the role of Managing Director.

Dan Chester - Facility Manager

Dan lives onsite with his family at Stayner Camp. Keeping the camp running with his team is a job that never really ends. Every season brings excitement, and as group after group comes onsite Dan welcomes each with a smile. Dan’s family has a long history at Stayner Camp. His parents are now residents of our trailer park in a trailer that was owned by his grandparents.  Dan can give you guidance on site availability and trailer upgrades, and always welcomes volunteers to help with some of the big jobs around camp.

Kathleen Denbok - Kitchen Coordinator

Kathleen joined our kitchen team in the spring of 2019. Since then there is no turning back! She has taken her background in marketing, retail and, of course baking, to bring a delicious array of meals to our camp guests. Always energetic and smiling, we often see her family join in helping with larger events. Kathleen is the mom of four kids, and attends Clearview Community Church.

Tim Loveday - Family Camp Program Director

Tim brings a whole lot of excitement with him as he leads our family camp every summer.  His years of experience in youth ministry, his love of music, and his passion for camp all contribute to an amazing program.  Tim is a dad to four amazing kids, and lead pastor at Cedar Creek Community Church.

Verlie Koch - ECM Bookkeeper

Verlie joined our team as the bookkeeper for ECM in 2005.  Since then, she has also taken on other roles, including Camp Registrar for Youth and Family Camps.  A gifted musician, she has also had the pleasure of leading worship at both Stayner and Mishewah. Originally from Newfoundland, Verlie moved to Hanover where she met and married Doug.  They have 3 adult children, and 5 grandchildren.  Because Verlie works from home, she looks forward each year to visiting our camps to rekindle friendships and experience the spiritual refreshment that camp provides.

Gwendelyn Harwood - Stayner Bookkeeper

Gwendelyn lives in Stayner with her husband Rob, who is lead pastor at Stayner EMC.  Gwendelyn first came on board as our Heroes on the Move Day Camp Registrar.  As time passed it was obvious we needed her skills here, and she now works as our Stayner bookkeeper on a part time basis.  Gwendelyn is mom to Madison and Zach, both now grown up and pursuing their lives.  With coffee in hand and a ready smile, Gwendelyn is an important part of our Stayner Team.

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