Trail of the Pines Day Camps

TOP: Classic Day Camp

August 19-23, 2024

Ages 6-12

We all love hearing and telling great stories.  This summer at Stayner Camp we will become Story Makers and Story Tellers as we learn about the story that is being written on all of our hearts. It’s a story of adventure and discovery. It’s a story of love and perseverance. And it’s a story that will take us places beyond anything we could ask or think. 

TOP SU Sports Camp

Ages 6-12
2025 Dates and Rates Coming Soon

At SU Sports Camps, the coach is Jesus and the challenge is to follow him!  Start getting excited!  The week will be packed with skill development, games, scrimmages, and awards, as the campers rotate through 3 sports – soccer, ball hockey, and a daily mystery sport! This will be a recreational sports camp, meaning the emphasis will be on having a blast while also growing in confidence and making new friends. Best of all, we will be looking at the Greatest Coach of All time who invites you to be His friend; that is…Jesus!  This will be an unforgettable time and we can’t wait to see you!

John O’Sullivan from the Changing the Game Project says this: “it is crucial for a child under the age of 13 to participate in more than one sport”.  At SU Sports Camp, under the kind hand of SU interns and Stayner Camps’ own huddle coaches, campers will be encouraged through every activity.  These leaders are excited about working with 6 to 12-year-olds.  Exceptional coaching fosters teamwork and a sense of belonging during each sports session and daily team talk. Don’t miss out on this camp experience at Stayner Camp this summer!

TOP Creative Arts Camp

Ages 6-12
2025 Dates and Rates Coming Soon

Introducing Stephen and Tricia Preston of Funtastical Studios, bringing you our Creative Arts Camp experience!  This is a week of art, creating and discovering more about God, the ultimate creator.  In this arts-focused week, we will be launching our campers into everything creative!  We will explore painting, drawing, music, nature, sculpture, stories and more as we get your creative juices going in this fun-filled week!  You will be encouraged to experiment, discover, learn, have LOTS of FUN, and of course, we will also learn about the greatest artist of all, God our creator.

Here are some of the highlights of the creative arts activities your campers may participate in:  

Drum Making
Come explore various materials and techniques to craft your very own unique drum, fostering a sense of artistic expression and pride. As the rhythmic beats of your handmade instruments fill the air, laughter and excitement will abound.
Dive into the colourful world of mosaics. We’ll be experimenting with a variety of tiles and patterns to create beautiful masterpieces. As their creations take shape, campers will gain a sense of accomplishment and artistic expression.
Yarn Painting
At the yarn painting workshop, kids will use vibrant threads to bring their imaginations to life. Explore the possibilities of colour and texture with yarn and wax, creating wonderful patterns and beautiful designs that reflect their creativity and individuality.
Basket Weaving
Enjoy learning the art of crafting beautiful baskets from natural materials. Campers will explore different weaving techniques and unleash their creativity while creating unique and functional works of art.
First Nations Painting
In this First Nations painting workshop, we’ll explore Indigenous painting styles through vibrant colors and storytelling. You’ll learn traditional techniques and create your own unique artwork that tells its very own story.
In the marionette making workshop, young imaginations take center stage as they craft their own whimsical puppets. Children will explore materials and techniques to bring their unique characters to life, fostering creativity and storytelling in a hands-on, imaginative setting.
Italian Cooking
Let’s go explore the wonderful world of Italian food. Budding chefs will embark on a flavorful journey of culinary exploration. Campers will learn basic cooking techniques and unleash their creativity to whip up delicious and imaginative dishes, fostering a love for cooking and culinary arts.
T-Shirt Doodle Painting
In this fun class, young artists will experiment with vibrant colors and textures to create their very own, unique, one-of-a-kind t-shirt. We’ll explore different doodle techniques where campers can let their imaginations run wild as they doodle and paint on fabric, creating personalized and expressive works of art.