Prayer is an essential way that you can support our camps. We are always so blessed to hear that our campers and others are joining together in prayer to lift up the needs of our ministry. Sign up for our email list at the bottom of the page for monthly emails containing informational updates and prayer requests.

Prayer Requests

Camp Staff

  • Pray for enough staff to fill the team, and the right person for each position
  • Pray for wisdom in hiring
  • Pray for energy and rest
  • Pray for team unity
  • Pray for health & safety
  • Pray for personal and spiritual growth in staff members

Campers & Program Attendees

  • Pray for Health and Safety
  • Pray that campers would to come to and grow in their faith
  • Pray that each camper and participant would learn, experience, and know the love of Jesus

Board of Directors

  • Pray for wisdom in decision making
  • Pray for unity, teamwork, and positive board/staff relationships
  • Pray for the right people to step up as board members


  • Pray for wisdom in prioritizing projects
  • Pray for ample income and donations to fulfill all operating and capital needs
  • Pray about how you can contribute financially