Church Partners
A part of our mission at ECM Camps is to partner with churches to provide people opportunities to Experience Jesus, Experience Community, Experience Renewal and Experience Creation. Just as we invite you to invest in our ministry, we want camp to be a part of building your church as well.  
We are often amazed when we visit churches at how many lives have been positively impacted by a camp experience, and how many people first made a decision to follow Jesus at summer camp.  We want to continue impacting the children and youth in your church through our fun, faith-filled programs.  
We believe that camp ministry is one of the best evangelical tools the Canadian church currently has.  Camp ministry has the opportunity to introduce kids to Jesus who might not have otherwise come through the front door of a church.  We want to connect both seekers and new Christians with great churches in their own communities.  
We know that young people who work at camp develop life-skills, leadership abilities, and stronger faith, and often go on to be leaders in their own churches and communities.  We want to partner with you in developing the leaders of today and tomorrow.  
We have seen the positive impact that family camp has on the life and health of the families who attend.  We want to help build into the life of the families in your congregation.
We invite you to consider including Stayner Camp in your church’s regular giving.   The mission field of camp is an exciting one, and we see incredible impact year after year.  We can only do it with the support of our church partners.  
Additionally, each EMCC church in Ontario and Quebec is a corporate member of ECM Camps.  Consider appointing a church delegate who can share camp updates with your congregation, and attend and vote on the church’s behalf at our annual members meeting.  An individual ECM member may also act as a church representative.  Please fill out the Church Delegate Form to let us know who your church’s representative will be.  
Our director, Kyle Moore, would love to come visit your church, youth group, or or other event to talk about camp.  Some churches take one Sunday a year to have a “Camp Day.”  We think that it is a great idea to take time to focus on the life-changing ministry of camp, and are always excited to be a part of that.  Feel free to contact us for more information or to request a visit.  We  want to continue to pour into, and connect with your church in these and new ways!  
Do you have ideas of how we at camp can support you and be a part of the life and growth of your congregation?  Don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to talk more about how we can be working together to build the Kingdom of God!