Thank You to AVLI!


A huge thank you to the team at AVLI whose experience and expertise was invaluable in running our Family Camp programs. We are incredibly grateful for their generous sponsorship of Family Camp 2022!

AVLI understands the value of industry best practices, formal training, and industry recognized certifications. Whether working with volunteers at a small country church, or an architect on a large new church building – they believe your project should be carried out properly!

With formal education in religion and theology, experience in church leadership, and actively involved in the local church, AVLI understands the diverse needs of the church community, and with decades of technical event production experience and actively involved in the local church, AVLI has first hand experience with the equipment, and can recommend equipment they know will work in your context.

Excellent listeners with the ability to ask engaging questions, AVLI understands the importance of drawing out the vision and needs of your church community. Rather than bringing cookie cutter solutions, they custom tailor solutions to your needs.

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