Stayner Kitchen Renovations


The renovation project for our kitchen has been a huge undertaking, that started Dec. 28th and continued right through to February. Every weekend and during the week as well, there has been a flurry of activity to get everything done and to keep on schedule. The initial demolition went well, however more of the floor had to be removed than what was originally thought.  Despite this setback our volunteers stepped up and pushed on, working into the evenings and early mornings to keep us on track. Enough cannot be said about our volunteers who gave up their weekends, drove for hours just to get to Stayner, brought their own tools, and willingly gave of their time. We are now starting to see what the finished look will be, which includes white FRP sheeting on the ceiling and walls that can be easily cleaned and looks great. The new floor is seamless, with no cracks to gather dirt and will not absorb moisture, which was a problem with our old tiles. Our new freezer and cooler are ready to go. New counter tops are going in, along with new cabinets and cupboards. The lighting has been upgraded that adds to the new fresh look. We have passed our electrical inspections and now are focusing on the plumbing in preparation to receive our approval for occupancy. We are pushing on as in March we have groups coming in for the weekend that we need to feed and take care of. Next time you are on the grounds be sure to stop into the kitchen and take a peek.

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