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Heroes On The Move

Heroes on the Move SU Sports Day Camp

Ages 6-12
July 4-8, 2022
$250 for first camper
$225 for each additional camper

We are partnering with Scripture Union for a brand new Sports Camp experience!  At SU Sports Camps, the coach is Jesus and the challenge is to follow him!

Start getting excited!  The week will be packed with skill development, games, scrimmages, and awards, as the campers rotate through 3 sports – soccer, ball hockey, and a daily mystery sport! This will be a recreational sports camp, meaning the emphasis will be on having a blast while also growing in confidence and making new friends. Best of all, we will be looking at the Greatest Coach of All time who invites you to be His friend; that is…Jesus!  This will be an unforgettable time and we can’t wait to see you!

John O’Sullivan from the Changing the Game Project says this: “it is crucial for a child under the age of 13 to participate in more than one sport”.  At SU Sports Camp, under the kind hand of SU interns and Stayner Camps’ own huddle coaches, campers will be encouraged through every activity.  These leaders are excited about working with 6 to 12-year-olds.  Exceptional coaching fosters teamwork and a sense of belonging during each sports session and daily team talk. Don’t miss out on this camp experience at Stayner Camp this summer!

Heroes on the Move Funtastical Studios Creative Arts Day Camp

Ages 6-12
July 11-15, 2022
$330 for first camper
$305 for each additional camper

Introducing Stephen and Tricia Preston of Funtastical Studios, bringing you a brand new HOTM Creative Arts Camp experience!  If you believe this week of excitement will capture your camper’s interest, then read through the description and head straight to the registration button.

This is a week of art, creating and discovering more about God, the ultimate creator.  In this arts-focused week, we will be launching our campers into everything creative!  We will explore painting, drawing, music, nature, sculpture, stories and more as we get your creative juices going in this fun-filled week!  You will be encouraged to experiment, discover, learn, have LOTS of FUN, and of course, we will also learn about the greatest artist of all, God our creator.

Here are the highlights of the creative arts activities your campers will participate in:

Finger Painting With Acrylics 

Let’s get dive in and get our fingers into the paint!  Create your very own masterpiece by following step by step instructions. Learn how to mix colours, create a background, and complete a painting from start to finish. You’ll be able to take your painting home and show it off to family and friends. 

Drawing Basics 

In this class we’ll be learning the basics of drawing.  You’ll learn about light and shadows and how to put them onto your paper. Draw and observe geometric shapes and have fun discovering how light creates shadow in your artwork. 

Tie-Dye Shirts 

Learn how to design and create a tie-dye shirt  of your very own. Have fun experimenting with inks and colours and learn how to create unique patterns and shapes for your one of a kind shirt.   

Charcoal & Pastels 

Learn how to draw and create using charcoals  and the bright bold colours of pastels. Have fun experimenting with colours, blending,   and learning about patterns, shadow, and shapes to create beautiful works of art.  

Song Writing Basics 

In this class you will learn the 4 elements of what makes a great song: melody, chords, lyrics, and emotion. Learn about song structures, genres, how to create great lyrics, and how to record your ideas. We’ll listen to examples, and learn how to build your own song from the ground up. 

Rhythms and Garageband 

Learn the basics of how to make a song using Garageband and recording devices emphasizing having fun and getting creative during the process. Campers will record original ideas they develop and organize them into songs. They will get a glimpse into electronic music production and how modern pop songs are made on the radio. Campers will be emailed their work and can celebrate their work and enjoy the song with their families at home. 


Come and learn the wonderful world of how to write and tell a great story. We will have fun finding story ideas and characters from doodles, create fun rhymes for your story, and learning from the best story teller of all time! Campers will have a great time making memories for everyone who hears their story and learning effective ways to engage their audience. 

Working With Clay  

Get your hands warmed up as we twist and shape and dip our fingers into the world of clay! In this class we’ll explore some of the materials and techniques used to make to make your own, one of a kind sculpture. Learn all about the wonderful possibilities of this amazing art medium. 

Mixed Media Journalling 

Have fun creating your very own art journal. Learn how to use various mediums and items to create wonderful covers and pages.  From paint, to fabric, to things you find in nature, you will have fun exploring the possibilities. You will have a chance to fill your pages during the week and learn new techniques along the way. 

Watercolour Portraits 

In this class campers will learn how to draw a face with proper proportions and then have a chance to capture their own look by working with watercolour paints and adding them to their drawing, creating a wonderful one of a kind portrait of their very own. 

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